Course Description

The Quran Hifz course by Quran Mint spans two years and focuses on helping students memorize the entire Quran. Accessible through Quran Mint’s online platform, the course allows students to study conveniently from their homes using a computer or tablet.

Throughout the program, experienced instructors guide students in gradually memorizing Quranic verses, starting with shorter portions and progressing to longer chapters. The platform offers interactive tools that make learning engaging and enjoyable.

Consistent practice and daily recitation sessions are integral to the course, aiding students in committing the Quran to memory. Teachers are readily available to provide support and guidance whenever students have queries or require assistance.

This course aims to make Quran memorization achievable for individuals irrespective of their location, providing a structured path for mastering the Quran over a period of two years.

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Here is how you can Hifz Quran

1. **Enrollment and Orientation**:

– Register for the Quran Hifz course on Quran Mint’s online platform.

– Attend an introductory session to understand the course structure, expectations, and tools available.

2. **Scheduled Learning**:

– Engage in regular classes conducted by experienced instructors.

– Follow a structured curriculum, starting with shorter verses and gradually progressing to longer chapters.

3. **Daily Practice**:

– Allocate specific time daily for Quran recitation and memorization.

– Focus on memorizing a set portion of the Quran each day, revising previous sections regularly.

4. **Utilize Learning Tools**:

– Make the most of interactive tools provided by Quran Mint’s platform to aid memorization.

– Utilize digital resources, audio recordings, and interactive materials for enhanced learning.

5. **Personalized Guidance**:

– Seek guidance and assistance from instructors whenever faced with challenges or needing clarification.

– Participate actively in sessions, asking questions and seeking feedback to improve memorization techniques.

6. **Consistency and Commitment**:

– Stay consistent and committed to the daily memorization routine, even on challenging days.

– Set achievable goals and milestones to track progress and maintain motivation.

7. **Recitation and Review**:

– Recite memorized portions regularly to reinforce memory retention.

– Review previously memorized sections frequently to ensure retention and accuracy.

8. **Supportive Environment**:

– Create a conducive environment for memorization, free from distractions and conducive to focused learning.

– Engage with fellow students or study groups for motivation and support.

9. **Patience and Perseverance**:

– Understand that memorization is a gradual process; be patient and persistent in your efforts.

– Embrace mistakes as part of the learning process and learn from them.

10. **Celebrating Milestones**:

– Acknowledge and celebrate achievements as you progress through memorizing different sections of the Quran, maintaining motivation and positivity.

By following these steps consistently, students can effectively navigate the Quran Hifz course on Quran Mint’s platform and work towards successfully memorizing the entire Quran over the span of two years.

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